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I have always seen my visions in colors and heard them in music! My goal is to chronicle the great path and major milestones of our Gospel/faith-based music. My forty plus years in the Gospel Music Industry gives me a unique perspective, as I look at the Gospel, “The Good News”, as expressed through the Gospel/faith-based music. Music from the past, music in the present day, and the new music pointing to the future. Music from choirs, soloists, quartets, duets, small groups, chorales; traditional, praise, urban, rap, quartet, crossover; and both nationally and internationally.  At the same time  creating a platform to promote current Gospel music as well as its emerging forms. All with the intent that our Gospel genre will continue to flourish and grow.  I will look at new and emerging music with the same eyes and ears I used at Gospocentric and B-Rite. 

My Initial set of playlists will be available on all streaming platforms. These will include:   The Tradition of Gospel, chronicling our historic past and  reminiscing about the great music of the 90s and early 2000s; Gospo Favs concentrating heavily on the music of the Gospocentric/B-Rite era; Gospel Crossover,  celebrating songs of faith based music their breadth – songs sung by secular artists ,and their reach – songs penetrating into the secular music arena; and Gospel Caviar,  looking at the very best of our Gospel Music offerings. In the future, I will developing a wide range of playlists, but the one that I’m most keen on is a Gospo NuNu where I will focus on  discovering new music and sounds and giving them a place to live and flourish!


Because I see music in colors, when you look at the graphics for each playlist, they will be differentiated by a specific color!

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